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2005-Sep-23, 08:14 AM
SUMMARY: Although the Universe is currently a beige colour overall, it used to be more blue, according to astronomers with the European Southern Observatory. This was caused by the predominantly hot, young blue stars in the most distant galaxies - astronomers are seeing them when the Universe was only 2.5 billion years old. The astronomers worked out the distance and colour to 300 galaxies which were contained within the Hubble Deep Sky survey, which took a deep look at a region of sky in the southern constellation of Tuscanae.

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2005-Sep-23, 08:30 AM
Well, assuming a standard evolution for the universe, the outcomes make sense ... younger = bluer, older = redder

I remember when the 'universal average colour' was first announced, and it was 'Green!' - then, as with the first colour Mars image, there was a "correction", and the universe became a very pale beige...

The second report (the 'beige' one) asked for suggested names for this colour - I suggested 'cosmic milk', but I haven't heard anything more about it - does anyone know if the universal beige was ever given a name?

Then, I suppose, we'll have to come up with names for all of the cosmic age/colour spectrum ... from 'cosmic baby blue' to 'universal afterglow'...