View Full Version : Brain dead subtitles

2005-Sep-24, 04:21 PM
I will agreed that there are times in a movie where a subtitle provides a useful reference for the watcher but sometimes I wonder what the director/writer was thinking when they added the subtitle to the image. The reason I brought this up was something I saw while watching the pilot of the TV series Surface. The scene opens showing a dock on the water and the subtitle says "the Louisiana coast near the Gulf of Mexico" , could anyone of you please tell me of any of the Louisiana coast that is not "on" the Gulf of Mexico?

2005-Sep-24, 07:45 PM
Unless they've annexed Rhode Island?

Somewhere to run to before the next hurricane...

2005-Sep-27, 04:04 AM
You and I know where Louisiana is, but perhaps someone on the other side of the world does not. Gulf of Mexico might be easier to find on a world map. Always keep future syndication in mind.

2005-Sep-27, 04:22 AM
I agree with DukePaul. "Louisiana Coast ON the Gulf of Mexico" would have been a better choice of words. It's not the redundancy, it's the location.

2005-Sep-27, 01:12 PM
At the moment the coast of Louisiana is in the Gulf of Mexico. :neutral: