View Full Version : C-17 Globemaster Sim

2005-Sep-25, 03:53 PM
September 25, 2005 (http://starbulletin.com/2005/09/25/news/story13.html)
"The precision and the resolution are so detailed that pilots can feel "every crack" on the concrete runway even though they are in a simulator miles away from the cockpit of a C-17 (http://www.af.mil/factsheets/factsheet.asp?fsID=86) Globemaster jet..."

Laminal Cockroach
2005-Sep-25, 04:30 PM
Damn :doh: i was gonna make one of those :think: lol sounds great actually i wonder what kind of graphix cards and and proccessors they use

2005-Sep-25, 07:05 PM
"Screenshots!" :D.

I don't know about the graphics quality of the simulator, but the motion part seems to be extremely OK!

Next year, I'll probably get to work on this beast: