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2005-Sep-26, 05:57 PM
Here is a quick shot from a Toucam pro 2 webcam & 12" Meade Newtonian, taken from Yellow Springs, Ohio.

AVI captured and ran through Registax , 2000 frames stacked......not bad considering the hazy Muck ,

I could only see stars to 2nd magnitude that night becuase of the high moisture/clouds in the atmosphere at our location.

I'm finding here in the Midwest that these foggy / hazy nights seem the best seeing or stable nights for planet imaging.

Comments welcome......

2005-Sep-26, 07:06 PM
very nice detail john

Manchurian Taikonaut
2005-Sep-27, 01:15 AM
it looks very good

2005-Sep-29, 12:57 PM
Gorgeous photo!!, John!!