View Full Version : Astrophoto: Dumbell Nebula (M27) by Shahriar Davoodian

2005-Sep-26, 06:02 PM
SUMMARY: Shahriar Davoodian took this cool picture of the Dumbell Nebula (M27) from Damavand, Iran. He used a Canon EOS 300D attached to a Meade LX90 8" Telescope with a 4 minute exposure.

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2005-Sep-27, 10:49 AM
it's a nice image..but possibly set too dark.

i copied it to a 2d app and ran a colour picker over the stars...they have an rgb level of around 170/256.

in the image i can see the main vertical section of the nebula as a blue rectangle.

if i brighten the image, i can see the larger brown horizontal section with red arcs at top and bottom.