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2005-Sep-27, 04:08 PM
SUMMARY: Paul Mayo captured this photograph of NGC 253 from his backyard observatory in Newcastle Australia. Paul used a Canon EOS 300D to take 7 separate images with his 0.3 metre telescope. You can see more of Paul's amazing photos at his website.

Do you have photos you'd like to share? Post them to the Universe Today astrophotography forum or email them to me directly, and I might feature one in Universe Today.

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2005-Sep-28, 07:45 PM
Really amazing !

2005-Sep-28, 09:25 PM
It's a beautiful galaxy, and well done Paul!

I'm not sure if it's an artifact of processing or downloading, but the image (which appeared to be 'pushed' during processing) includes a series of concentric circles centred on a point just left of the galactic core - at the risk of doing a 'Pauline Hanson' (Aussie in-joke) - "please explain?"