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2005-Sep-27, 10:36 PM
For those that don't know, this is an original opera by John Adams primarily focused on Oppenheimer in the hours before the Trinity test. As part of the world premier by the San Francisco Opera there have been programs and lectures across the Bay Area -- I attended one at UC Berkeley last night, where the panel was made up of Adams, director and producer Peter Sellars, physicist Marvin L. Cohen of LBL, and Mark A. Richards, dean of Berkeley's physical sciences.

(I also thought I saw Gav in the audience).

I'd like to hear thoughts from this board about this meeting of art and science, and about that moment when something at the boundaries of theoretical physics so suddenly became a life-and-death matter.

2005-Oct-20, 03:16 AM
Saw the premier opening week (last Sunday matinee). Interesting production. Some pictures -- including the bomb -- with various reviews online. Reviews have been mixed but so far no-one has called the opera itself a "bomb."