View Full Version : Voyager televison special on A&E network tonight

2003-Jan-16, 04:09 PM

A new, two-hour television documentary detailing the travels of Voyagers 1 and 2 and the scientific, cultural, and historical significance of this pioneering mission, will premier on the A&E Network January 16, with an encore showing January 25. (Check local listings for show times.) "Cosmic Journey: The Voyager Interstellar Mission and Message" tells a tale of adventure, exploration, and romance from the point of view of the individuals who made it happen."

2003-Jan-17, 05:32 PM
Missed your post but accidently caught some of the show. It thought (the part that I saw) was pretty informative. The media confusion over why Voyager II was actually launched before Voyager I was cute.

2003-Jan-17, 06:19 PM
Good show. I got to watch a good bit of it last night. -Colt