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2005-Oct-01, 12:33 AM
Wild gorillas reveal their use of tools (http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn8073)

Conservation workers have seen the first evidence for tool use in wild gorillas. One instance, caught on film in the Republic of Congo’s Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park, involved a lowland gorilla using a metre-long stick to test the depth of water ahead of her as she cautiously waded into a swampy pool.They use metric!

2005-Oct-05, 02:53 PM
They use metric!rofl

"This suggests that the gorilla is capable of some mental calculation and abstract thought."

The idea that humans are the only animal capable of abstract thought is pretty old-fashioned, like people who still believe in race. I would say from personal experience that many animals are capable of predicting basic chains of events based on their actions, which requires at least some ability to think abstractly.

Halcyon Dayz
2005-Oct-05, 05:16 PM
My cat just figured out how to open the front door.

Push doorknob down --> Door opens

I feel a draft.

2005-Dec-19, 01:11 PM
Wild gorillas reveal their use of tools (http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn8073)

They use metric!

I see that she likes to keep her arms out of the water as if she's wearing an expensive jacket! lol! Nice picture.

2005-Dec-19, 02:09 PM
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