View Full Version : threads marked as read still?

2005-Oct-03, 11:29 PM
Somehow even with the new software, I'm running into a problem where I'll be reading and if I stop reading for literally just a few minutes (5 minutes or so) but stay on the webpage, when I go into a different forum suddenly almost all the messages are read.

I know the problem existed on the old forum and was never resolved but I wouldn't expect it with all new SW either. This is also the only forum I have this problem on. Any other forum I have to leave it sitting idle for a very extended time before something like this occurs (30-60 minutes in most cases, sometimes more).

2005-Oct-04, 10:34 AM
In another thread it was mentioned that this isn't seen by everyone, but that at least for some it was caused by antispyware deleting the cookie for the site.
Reconfiguring the spyware blocker solved the problem.

2005-Oct-04, 11:42 PM
Well I don't have any antispyware software running on this machine. It COULD be something with firefox. It's already set to accept cookies but I set it in the whitelist to always accept cookies for the site as well.