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2005-Oct-05, 07:49 AM
SUMMARY: Here's a new wallpaper of yesterday's beautiful picture of Mars taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. I can't believe the level of detail that an Earth-based telescope was able to take of Mars.

In order to set this as your computer wallpaper, click the link so the image loads in your screen. Then right-click and select "Set as Wallpaper". And then you'll have a big picture of Mars on your desktop.

Click here to download the picture. 1024x768 (60 KB).

I've also added the picture to my photo albums so you can purchase a printed copy of the picture from 4x6 (only $.99) all the way up to 11x14 ($10.99).

Click here to access the photo galleries.

Then click on Mars. The newest photo is the last in the series.


Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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