View Full Version : New Advances for Liquid-Fueled Rockets

2005-Oct-14, 11:55 PM
SUMMARY: Although NASA engineers are working on radical new kinds of propulsion, like ion engines, nuclear rockets, and even solar sails, they're still tuning up the old standby liquid-fueled rocket. Current rockets burn a small amount of fuel into preburners which power pumps that force the rest of the fuel into the combustion chamber. A new strategy will be to run all the fuel through the preburners which will create higher pressures, and should give better performance from the rocket.

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2005-Oct-16, 05:41 AM
Funding engineering iterations is an excellent thing for a public agency to do. It isn't Science and that is what I like about this. It IS engineering.

2005-Oct-16, 03:14 PM
So the old rocket concept is far form being exhausted ! We see many innovations these days , piston pomp rocket, New pressure fed rocket , vortex rocket , rubber hybrid rocket , vax hybrid rocket .... I hope some of these will give us the cheap acces to LEO we need.

2005-Oct-17, 01:00 AM
They have to be tested on something that flies for that. 8)
Few researchers risk their babies that way.
I appreciate the engineering iterations, but unless these things fly I look on them as job programs for researchers. We have to fund flights too and bias for those researchers willing to take that final step.