View Full Version : Avalon part 1 SPOILERS!

2005-Oct-15, 02:39 PM
I was really impressed. There was something about this episode. It had a certain spark. I think shaking things up with a new team, but starting from a firm foundation of Daniel really works.

Some have complained about the title sequence. At first, I thought that the shortened title sequence would give an extra minute of episode, but apparently it's just for more commercials. Either way, I fail to see why the title sequence would engender so much emotion.

Other have complained about shifting from Egyptian to Arthurian mythology. I say they haven't seen an episode since the pilot because by the end of the first season, we had already been introduced to Menoans, the Greeks, the Babylonians, the Vikings and the Mongols. The Ancients have never been connected to the Egyptian pantheon anyway.

2005-Oct-16, 10:19 PM

This is about Stargate, isnt it?

I only mention this as your title doesnt really tell anyone what your spoiling.

I thought it was a new show called Avalon!!!

2005-Oct-17, 11:51 PM
Just remember that vala is only in the first 5 episodes because Amanda Tapping (sam carter) was having a baby while those episodes were in production. I think I recall that vala will be back for a bit later in the season, but we'll have to see. I liked her character.