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2003-Jan-23, 09:33 PM

But always good for a laugh. And basically copied from Bart Sibrel's site (http://www.moonmovie.com).

{I got nothing else to do).

2003-Jan-23, 09:40 PM
Oh My God!!Oh My God!!The hoax has finally been uncovered by the undercover KGB spies who go by the names Bill Kooksing,and Bart Sibrel.Of course,they forget to mention on those sites that part of the reason why The Russians beat us is because of our own stupid bureaucracy,not because they had so much better technology than we did.

2003-Jan-23, 09:51 PM
Man, you would think those half dozen or so people who used the flag waving theory would have had the time to look up the correct answer, instead of looking at HB websites.

2003-Jan-23, 10:33 PM
You mistakenly believe people are interested in collecting other viewpoints, or even that other points of view exist. How many times have you seen words to the effect: "I saw the Fox program and now I'm convinced it was all a fake." You don't often see that people considered the possibility that all those questions had answers, and tried to find them.

2003-Jan-24, 06:41 AM
Interesting note about that Fox show. I've had several people who know me and my interest in space come up to me after that program aired. Each of them had had someone else who saw the program come up to them and bring it up, and each of them had a similar reaction to "what are you watching stuff like that for?" Even though they weren't technically able to address the claims, the response was to dismiss the program. However, people who saw the program had more question about it. Mostly because the program said nobody could answer the claims, so it must be true.

In each case of the person mentioning it to me, I was basically their local expert that they wanted confirmation from that their reaction was justified. My time spent here helped me to be able to not just say it's ridiculous, but point out how.

2003-Jan-24, 06:58 AM
None of the engineers I worked with at the time the program aired had any question that the Apollo missions were authentic, but a few wanted to know specific details. They knew there must be answers and that I would know them. They were just curious.

People seem to be very susceptible to assurances that conspiracy theory pseudo-evidence can't be explained or refuted. Obviously a conspiracy theorist doesn't want his case examined too closely because a lot of it is based on selective presentation. So it makes sense to suggest that any attempt to find and alternative will be futile.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."