View Full Version : mission :finding life in the solar system(Fun)

2005-Oct-18, 12:53 PM
Infact this is a comic discussion and as well as the education to find out the possibilities of search "life beyond earth". the number of experts of the baut joins this mission to search the life beyond the earth. the meeting was held and during that all portfolios have been assigned to every member as follows:

1. the space machine operation, 2. the digital and ccd cameras handlers, 3. the special radar for maping the planet (4) the navagation software to read the noise frequency in the space(5) special censors to catch the sound in the space have been mounted on the space craft "ETROXSPACE"(extra terrestrial operations with xrays machines space craft", this name has been chosen for this space-craft, (6) hi-frequency uv reader(7) big xray machine all around the space craft assigned and the different corners(8) five super computers also assigned on the space craft for sampling the data, the et info, the un-touched locations in the solar systems, with the back-up advantage FAN system(fastest access network) has been updated for the space craft. (9) junk food, regular food and other edible oil all are taken (10) few books, novels also taken (11) 20 scientist are on the board to search the possibilites, where to searth the life in the universe out of them 5 are the super expert in the anthropology,the alinomics( alien study masters), rest some 8 are interpreters in the alienology( a special aliens language).(12) solar energy, urenium charged space motor bykes, and some other car like 25 vehicles included in the mission. so now the space craft's turbo engine started already and it is taking sharp move towards the space 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0 counting already completed and the demo image here:_
so start now. .A. ..... oooo
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