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2005-Oct-18, 03:18 PM
SUMMARY: Researchers at the University of Arizona think that future robotic explorers should have the ability to survey their targets at many different levels: from orbit, in the air, and on the ground. These next generation missions would be able to arrive in orbit and then deploy a blimp or balloon that could create a more detailed map of a planet or moon's surface. The balloon could help coordinate ground rovers to analyze the most interesting targets. The rovers and balloons would relay their data up to the orbiter which could then give new targets to explore.

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2005-Oct-18, 06:36 PM
I was trying to imagine an electrical razor, working 2 years at 2 AU distance from the sun only on solar power, without ever any cleaning. I found myself laughing out loud.

But then I read this story. No electrical razor could copy the workload these babies will ever going to do.

2005-Oct-19, 04:14 PM
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Gerald Lukaniuk
2005-Oct-19, 08:08 PM
Sending probes equiped primarily to look for water was a futile waste of money by the current batch of myopic psuedo astronomers who decisions are dictated by politics not logic. Everyone knows water is scarce on Mars so the Martians hide it from visiting alien craft.

2005-Oct-19, 09:14 PM