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The Meal
2005-Oct-21, 01:36 PM
Fraser and company,

Here's an email I just sent off to my 67-year old father. His second cousin (I can't do the math to figure out my own relation to Phil) recently passed away, and he was one of my Dad's favorite email buddies who'd send him cool links on the internet (I don't remember Phil very well as I only met him when I was a third my present age). Anyway, while Dad and I were talking about him the phone recently, he mentioned that it was Phil who originally sent him the link to the APOD (put together by Jerry Bonnell and Dr. Nemiroff from my alma mater). Dad has always been one of those "email forwarder" kind of guys which is tremendous (my brothers and I joke that getting a note from Dad with a subject line beginning with "FWD:" is an indication that we're about to get another golden oldie from Teh Intarweb's Greatest Hits), as that means that he's thinking about us.

Anyway, I sent Dad a note this morning that may cheer him up a bit. And it may warm the hearts of the folks here at UT. I haven't been active on these forums in a long while, but I've been a UT reader for quite some time (having originally been clued-in from Phil Plait's site). I tried to write the note to Dad in such a way that he'll do his part to spread it around the web. Hopefully I'm successful.

From: Neal <the.meal@_____.com>
To: Dad <_______@chartermi.net>
Date: Oct 21, 2005 7:24 AM
Subject: Another cool space site

In addition to the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) located here:

I also like checking out The Universe Today:

It's a little heavier on the science and recent discoveries and
theories from the space community, but Fraser also posts beautiful
astrophotos from amateurs and professionals, and even the most
detailed science articles have nice four-line introductions that make
sense. The best thing, however, is that he updates a few times a day.
I know that www.space.com is the "granddaddy" of astronomy sites for
folks who like this kind of stuff, but my personal favorite is The
Universe Today.

Plus he's got a lady, Tammy Plotner, who writes a "What's Up?" column
each week, that is the absolute tops of its kind anywhere on the web.
Even if you don't plan on purchasing a telescope, she writes plenty of
great stuff about what you can see with your eyes or with a simple
pair of binoculars. Great stuff! Check it out.

Love you,

I'm very serious about Tammy's articles, too. Finding her "What's Up?" column basically meant the end of my plans of doing anything with my http://stars.the-meal.com site.

Congrats to everyone involved who makes UT the site it is today! And thank you sincerely for your time and efforts,


2005-Oct-21, 02:50 PM
Thanks Neal, I'll forward it to all my friends. ;-)

2006-Jan-04, 01:59 AM
WOW! what a nice comment!

i thank you sincerely...