View Full Version : what is the role of the insects and mosquitos on earth?

2005-Oct-21, 04:05 PM
how they grown up? ofcourse they are useful, but there population is rising on the earth? as the mosquitos are get the knowledge when the man discharges carbon-dioxide in the air, mosquitos detect their target from ten meter pereffery from the man and starts biting, infact their target is not a man but the female mosquito wants the blood to generate eggs,
some mosquitios are found dangeraous and created havoc of dengue fever, enphelitis (when they bites to the pigs and then to man). there are some 3000 spacies of mosquitos in the world. the mosquito's are some what poor eyesights.

so is there any sort of scientific way to ruin them permanently from earth? or the general science is dropping any kind of light over the epidemic situation borned by the mosquitos?

please do you have any kind of information then please add here, ( i am just studying the culture of mosquitos their spread and activies).

2005-Oct-21, 06:25 PM
so is there any sort of scientific way to ruin them permanently from earth?
There isn't, but if you managed to do it, a lot of anglers would be very angry at you.

Mosquito larvae are a major food source for small freshwater fish and the fry of large freshwater fish.

2005-Oct-23, 12:10 AM
There IS a use for mosquitos! But can't they eat other insects? Do they JUST live off Mosquito larvae?

2005-Oct-23, 04:35 AM
Then there's the box jellyfish off the coast of Australia. You don't want to go swimming there when they're in season. A sting from them will freeze your nervous system and you will die. A high price for good surf.

2005-Oct-23, 04:58 AM
Australia. Why am I not surprised? :D

2005-Oct-24, 12:09 PM
one specific fish is useful to eat the eggs of the mosquitos in the water that fish name i have forgot, people told it a "guppi-fish" ! :) the forest are the mines of the mosquitos, they takes shelter on the trees, they bites to the monkeys, birds on the trees, and the mosquitos are the main actors in transmitting the deceases amongs the human beings.

2005-Oct-29, 04:16 AM
I think eliminating all species of mosquitoes from all habitats would be difficult. It would probably have bad impacts on various environmental food chains, too.

But certainly malaria and other mosquito-carried diseases take a terrible toll of human lives.

The fish you are thinking of are probably Gambusia species, very similar to pet-store guppies.

2005-Oct-29, 12:37 PM
Bathcat, : Gambusia, that's correct one, who eats the larva of the mosquitos, mosquitos never seat on the neem tree due to its odor, 2. during old times where there is smoke there were few mosquitos 3. culex is dangerous one, who spreads the dangerous transmitting deaceses 4. the mosquitos eat the juices of necters of flowers also, 5. if a liquid mix in the petrol and the diesel when it is use in the vehicles, so that it will spread the smoke in the surrounding and the cities as a whole, but the main problem is that whether it evaporates fully or not that i don't know, and it has to be tested in the laboratory to find whether this is harmful for the lives or not.
the spider many times catch the mosquitos in their net and kill the mosquitos.
the ultrasound electronic device is not that effecting to repell the mosquitos, the smoke of the neem tree along with cow-dun(dried) is useful and harmless, to repell the mosqitos, here there is no importance of repelling the mosquitos, but there is need to completly destroy the generations up coming of the mosquitos, means there is a vast need to study in this area, and also there is need to creat the wingless mosquitos so that they could not be able to fly.

2005-Oct-29, 01:17 PM
If there were no more mosquitoes, what would the poor mosquitofish (http://www.snowcrest.net/mosquito/Mosquito%20Facts/mosquitofish.htm) eat? :(

I believe mosquitoes are a significant item in the food chain in areas where they are plentiful. Many insects rely on them as a main source of food (such as some dragonflies) and some species of bats and birds eat them as well. I think even mosquito larve of some species actually prey on other species of mosquito larve but I couldn't tell you the exact species.

2005-Oct-31, 04:34 PM
I might just be bitter considering that after my recent SCA event (look it up on google if you're curious what the SCA is), I have nearly 20 bugbites, at LEAST, but..

I think that life can do without mosquitos. I advocate that we invent a bug that hunt mosquitos and such, but grow and have the same size and shape of mosquitos, so that any species still have something to eat.

Yeah, I know it's rather Mad Science, but right now, I DON'T CARE! *scratches his arms and legs erratically*

2005-Oct-31, 04:39 PM
loanwulf and triangleman, thanks for the reply, these are the dangerous species of mosquitos for the world scientist are not still find out the permanent solution to wipe out mosquitos permanently from earth.