View Full Version : Invitation to the Skepticwiki

2005-Oct-23, 07:30 PM
Dear all at BAUT,

I'd to extend an invitation for you skeptics and science wonks, to join in a new endeavor to decrease the ignorance of the Universe.

It has been in beta testing for some time at the JREF, but today I'd like to invite you to register and join in to write articles on science, astronomy, literature, UFOs, poltergeists, Albert Einstein, Phil Plait, Samuel Hahnemann, Richard Feynman, Sylvia Browne, Relativity Theory, Quantum Physics, Deepak Chopra, Intelligent Design etc all from a scientific and skeptical perspective.

Although the current list of articles leans towards the obsessions of the JREF, I'd like to broaden the appeal - this is a wiki about how we know what IS so, as much as what ISN'T.

I like to think of it as like Wikipedia but without the need to be neutral and with intelligence and an edge

Format of articles:

Definition - define your subject neutrally
Explanation - explain terms used and the history of the subject
Discussion - discuss your subject from a rational, scientific perspective
Resources - links to other wikis, websites
Links to related articles - links to other articles on the wiki

The wiki has LaTeX enabled for mathematical equations and image upload of (non-copywrite) images.

The wiki is at http://www.skepticwiki.org/wiki

There is also a weblog at http://www.skepticwiki.org , which I'm going to experiment with as a shop-window for the wiki, with news items of interest, and articles of the week.

Please look around and get a feel for the style and the tone of the wiki, before diving in. You must register an account before you can edit anything.

There are references on the frontpage to the JREF, but that will be changed shortly. The skepticwiki is not a JREF project.

Please note: the wiki is not a discussion forum, and I do not wish to take away discussion from BAUT. Rather I wish to capture the best writing and information that sometimes happens on message boards, only to be buried into the archives.