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2005-Oct-24, 11:18 PM
SUMMARY: Here's a breakdown of the stories in the latest issue of Astronomy Magazine. If you read the magazine, but always pick it up at the newsstands, now's the time to get a subscription (and if you order a subscription, it benefits Universe Today).

Upcoming stories:

Martian Chronicle - What's been discovered on Mars over 4 centuries of exploration.
What is Mars trying to hide? - Scientists are working on uncovering the Red Planet's secrets.
Blazing a new path - The story of the Mars Exploration Rovers.
Lupus and Norma - Images of this region of the sky.
Get ready for Mars - How to enjoy Mars' closest approach this summer.
Filtering the sky - Using filters to get the most out of your astronomy.
Imaging the Red Planet - Take better pictures of Mars with your telescope.

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