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2005-Oct-24, 11:19 PM
SUMMARY: I have a whole collection of space-related tidbits for you today. Mmmm... tidbits.

The clever Internet librarians of the European Space Agency have gathered together links to all the different photo galleries for their member countries, including Canada. Check it out here.
The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory has announced the recipients of the 2003 Edgar Wilson Award for the discovery of comets by amateurs over the last year. I just think it's great that amateurs can make meaningful contributions to the science of astronomy. Check that out here.
Dr. Marc Garneau, astronaut and President of the Canadian Space Agency is going to be visiting my home town of Vancouver on Wednesday to congratulate UBC astronomer Jaymie Matthews and his team for developing the MOST space telescope. I'll try to sneak down and get an autograph... I mean, um, file a report. Read more.

Thanks to everyone who responded about the mobile edition of Universe Today. I'm still puzzling through a good way to handle this, so if you're interested in receiving the newsletter on your little Star Trek-like data pad, please let me know what equipment you have, and how you typically like to see this kind of thing. Email me at info@universetoday.com.

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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