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2005-Oct-24, 11:39 PM
SUMMARY: My wife and I went to see Spider-Man on Sunday, and so I thought I'd celebrate with a Hubble image of the Tarantula nebula (trust me, when you've got a six-month old, you celebrate the chance to see a movie).To make this your computer screen's background, click the image that matches your screen's resolution, right-click "Set as Background".1024x768 (168K) - 800x600 (110K) - 640x480 (77K)On a completely unrelated note, lots of you have a computer virus. I know this because I'm probably receiving hundreds of viruses a day from various readers. I can't inform you individually because the virus disguises who actually sent it. Here's a free virus scanner that I like.Fraser CainPublisher, Universe Today

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