View Full Version : M-42 and M-43, Orion

J. P. Morgan
2005-Oct-25, 06:18 PM
Probably every newby like me discovers that he can take relatively easy astrophotos of the Orion nebula, so the attached photo is probably old hat to most of you. But warts and all, here is my effort.

Telescope: 10" Meade Newt on Equatorial mount.
Eyepiece: 18 mm Scopetronic threaded to my
Camera: Nikon Coolpix 995
Seeing and Transparency: Excellent, Early October 2005, Sandy Utah
Exposure: 13 Eight Second shots at a camera setting of f 3.3. ASA 200. Manual focus at infinity.

Processing: Stacked all 13 in Registak, then final processing in Photoshop 7.


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2005-Oct-25, 07:25 PM
!!Very nice!!


2005-Oct-25, 08:15 PM
would you mind sending or e-mailing the 13 shots to me? i'd like to try and see what i could do with them.
i'll gve you the e-mail upon your aproval.

Great shot btw :) Good job.

J. P. Morgan
2005-Oct-26, 02:09 AM
Be happy to send the 13 pics. I'm just getting started and would like to see what others can do. E Me at minerjp@comcast.net.


2005-Oct-26, 09:37 AM
welcome to the forum JP..and good first effort

2005-Oct-26, 09:14 PM
here's what i was able to get. it was fun to refresh some of my skills that were rusted due to clouds.

that was from the pictures that you sent me

Big Brother Dunk
2005-Oct-27, 05:26 AM
Nice work JP!http://www.websmileys.com/sm/fingers/fing32.gif

2005-Oct-27, 10:48 AM
Great work JP,
Good luck.