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2005-Oct-26, 09:22 PM
Man Arrested For Sprinkling Fecal Matter On Pastries (http://www.team4news.com/Global/story.asp?S=4029330&nav=0w0v)

OK - it's gross. It does illustrate why I don't buy pastries from an unattended grocery market case.

A Dallas cab driver is in big trouble for getting caught on tape sprinkling dried feces on pastries.

49-year-old Behrouz Nahidmobarekeh is on trial for allegedly throwing fecal matter on pastries at a Fiesta grocery store.

Police said they found a pile of human feces by his bed.

He would dry it, either by microwave or just letting it sit out and grate it up with a cheese grater and then sprinkle it at the store, officials said.

paulie jay
2005-Oct-27, 03:56 AM
Why oh why are these people stealing perfectly good breathing air...?

2005-Oct-27, 06:05 AM
I second Paulie's statement.

You know, just as an aside: I find it interesting that primates (including humans!) are so hateful of feces. Primates (or at least, certain monkeys) seem to hate feces as much as we do - even to the point of throwing feces as a major insult to each other.

Humans are so hateful of feces, that we've come up with a huge amount of words that are basically expletives stating them. Interesting, neh?

Of course, there is the (not so minor) fact that human feces are some of the nastiest in the world... mainly due to chemicals and diet.

Not that I'm saying that this has anything to do with sprinkling them onto pastries. That's just gross (and a health hazard), on all levels.

2005-Oct-27, 06:09 AM
!This person had to been totally out of his mind!

I can hardly beleive it, that is totally gross aarrgg!


2005-Oct-27, 06:12 AM
I can only speculate on motivation, but I see a few things that could be a possibility.

1) Just generally a crazy guy. I don't need to go into detail on this one.

2) A man angry at the world and the people around him, bitter to the extreme, and was willing to go through the process of using human feces to play a cruel and sick joke on people.

3) Other.

2005-Oct-27, 06:22 AM
I hope the guy wasn't married. :eek:

2005-Oct-27, 08:43 AM
(How to make the joke I want and get it past the language filter?????)

2005-Oct-27, 07:58 PM
I always wondered where they got sprinkles from.

The guy who did this was a clown--so that explains the multi-coloring.

The Mangler
2005-Oct-27, 09:46 PM
I can only speculate on motivation, but I see a few things that could be a possibility

I saw this on the news last night. They said he was angry at the way the store treated him. They also said that he may not even be charged, because there is no evidence that it would have done any harm. Can you believe that?!?!

2005-Oct-27, 10:00 PM
No evidence that it would have done any harm? Really? o.O

*blinks* That seems kinda silly.

The Mangler
2005-Oct-27, 10:02 PM
That's what they said. There is no proof that it could have actually hurt anybody. As a result, they might not charge him.

2005-Oct-27, 10:18 PM
This brings to mind what angry people actually put in food... like fast food places... oh, the list is endless.

2005-Oct-27, 10:31 PM
I'm almost scared to eat out now. x.x

The Mangler
2005-Oct-28, 12:52 AM
Thats why I don't do fast food.

2005-Oct-28, 01:17 AM
Evening TV news reports he got a $3000 fine and 5 years jailtime.

The Mangler
2005-Oct-28, 01:23 AM
5 years seems kinda extreme (personally I would have gave him more, but I just don't see the court doing it)

2005-Oct-28, 01:42 AM
You'd think that your food must be "pure" to pass FDA specifications...but once the attorneys get involved.....just exactly what do you mean by pure?, your Honor...If I'm making a ton of hot dogs and one fly gets ground up in the mix??? what are the maximum number of insect fragments per cubic centimeter, anyhow?......Turns out to be ~ 5....so for a 50 cc hotdog....250 fragments and that baby is "clean enuff" and passes spec, last I checked. EEEWWW! As far as Eschera coli.....doesn't have to be zero..neither for rodent hairs.
The best thing is to learn to cook, lots of fresh veggies, fruits, grains, and process your own stuff. If you read "Trust Us, We're Experts"....you've all been eating potatoes laced with lectins from galanthus (snowdops) for about six years....not on the label of your chips, fries, mashed, frozen dinner, or Puffs. It does kill the colorado potato beetles that try to feed on the plants...saving the food conglomerates billions in pesticides....but do you really want your legislator allowing the FDA to say it's safe for you without double blind studies in clinical trials?:think: Ciao. Pete.

2005-Oct-28, 03:41 AM
Okay, who wants to come over to my house? I have fresh baked doughnuts. :whistle:

2005-Oct-28, 05:48 AM
Are they made out of..........

hole wheat?

2005-Oct-28, 05:56 AM
Are they made out of..........

hole wheat?
And butt er!

2005-Oct-28, 06:00 AM
Actually, growing your own won't remove the insect parts. it is almost impossible to remove all the insect residue from produce. One segment of a leg is an insect part for these purposes. You would have to take each and every separate piece of each iten and scrub it down, and even then you wouldn't get it all. Something like potatoes or carrots have all manner of nematodes in the skin.

Rodents poo and pee on your stuff without your knowledge. And bacterial life is all over. Your gut is already full of e-coli.

If the average soul went to the farm and saw where food came from, that would be the end of eating. Parents eventually learn the "ten second rule" for their children, having started out thinking everything needed to be sterilized beyond clean room status. When i am out on my little tractor I often drive under a pear tree or an apple tree and pluck one. I eat it out of hand. (I don't spray anything on my plants) If there is a big bug hole, I eat around it. I know I am consuming insect life in the fruit, but unless it is something macro, I ignore it.

If you have ever eaten peanuts from the shell, you have eaten bug parts. It's a fact of life. To turn those nuts into peanut butter without insect parts would mean wiping down each little piece of nut. Not gonna happen. You go buy the organic produce and it may be free of artificial chemicals, but it will still be teeming with the flora and fauna of any other stuff.

You oughta see eggs before they rinse the poo off them.

2005-Oct-28, 06:21 AM
Actually, growing your own won't remove the insect parts.
How do we grow our own?

2005-Oct-28, 11:12 AM
Okay, who wants to come over to my house? I have fresh baked doughnuts. :whistle:

I'm there. I'll bring the DunkinDonuts coffee...yumm. And the crunchy exterior texture of fresh donuts....OOOOOH! The fresh brewed coffee aroma......and of course.......beautiful, intelligent, sassy..Candy. Ahhhh! Pete.:lol:

2005-Oct-29, 07:11 AM
I said Doughnuts not do NUTS!

Bring it on, trinitree88! :)

2005-Oct-29, 08:23 AM
Warm up the Chicken Noodle, then you can serve soup to nuts.

(I am sorry, that is not down to my usual standards. I am at work without any munchies.)

2005-Nov-20, 05:33 PM
Student Allegedly Urinates in Ice Machine (http://dailynews.att.net/cgi-bin/news?e=pri&dt=051120&cat=strange&st=stranged8dv4pcg8&src=ap)

School law officials say charges will be filed, although officials were still trying to decide Thursday what to charge him with.

School officials contacted the Department of Public Health in Frankfort.

"They said it was gross and morally wrong but not a health risk," Buckler said.

Health officials said urine is sterile because the body has its own filtering system. If any bacteria did make it through, the ice's temperature would have killed it.
What a "peebrain"! :shifty:

2005-Nov-20, 09:26 PM
Just now, this thread appears directly above "What's your poison?", which I found pretty funny. Of course that'll change as soon as I post this.

2005-Nov-20, 09:43 PM
well, assuming the individual in question is physically healthy, there really isn't much of a health risk involved in either of these...what it might do to my state of mind is another matter entirely.

(what do castaways drink when they run out of fresh water?)

on the other hand, there not being a dunkin' donuts in the area, I am perforce required to shop at the local supermarkets - and there is a LARGE difference in the quality and flavor.

(don't anybody mention Krispy Kreeme - those are just plain nasty)


Everything I learned about donuts I learned from other cops