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2005-Oct-27, 07:11 PM
SUMMARY: This image is a mosaic of 15 photographs of Saturn's rings taken by Cassini. The strange ripples are caused by gravity from Saturn's moon Prometheus interacting with the ring particles. The ring particles closer to Prometheus move slower than the other particles, which gives the ring this ripple effect.

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2005-Oct-28, 01:42 AM
you've been 'ToSeeked' , methinks...

2005-Oct-28, 02:19 AM
you've been 'ToSeeked' , methinks...

I think Fraser gets a pass on ToSeekness. I want Universe Today to cover all the news that fits.

2005-Oct-28, 02:34 AM
I couldn't agree more...

2005-Oct-28, 02:49 AM
Well, not everybody who reads Universe Today is a member of the forum, so I still need to have my stories connect from the website. But ToSeek and I have an agreement about pointing towards each other, depending on who gets to the story first.

2005-Oct-31, 02:47 PM
... but computer simulations of the system prove that the disturbance is caused by a simple gravitational interaction.
No argument, except with the word 'simple'. This is a multibody problem of impossible proportions. A 'simplified computer model demostrates it is possible for the gravitational force to create these wave-like functions' is a better discriptor.