View Full Version : Io's Curse Plagues Me Again

2005-Oct-28, 03:23 AM
SUMMARY: As many of noticed, I misidentified Io as Saturn's moon in the last issue of Universe Today. Of course it's Jupiter's moon, and yes, I should have known better, but if you look back at a few of the mistakes I've made in the last few weeks, you'll see an unnerving trend. In a previous newsletter I said that Io was Jupiter's closest moon. It's not, that's Metis. I also said that after making a final pass of Io, the Galileo spacecraft would be plunged into Jupiter later in January. Uh, no, Fraser, that's going to happen in September 2003.Sure, mistakes happen - I make my share. But they've all been Io-related. Coincidence? I think not! So, watch my words carefully when I mention Io; believe only half of what I say.I leave it up to you to figure out which half.Fraser Cain, PublisherUniverse Today

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