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2005-Oct-28, 06:02 PM
SUMMARY: Look east this weekend and you'll see a bright red star blazing in the night sky. That's not a star, it's Mars, and on the night of October 29, it'll reach its closest approach. And you don't need dark skies, a telescope, or any special knowledge. Just look East... you can't miss it. Don't worry if you're too busy this weekend, Mars will stay bold and bright for the next few weeks.

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2005-Oct-31, 07:40 PM

Mars now is an impressive view in a good telescope. But it amazes me to read that the closest approach of mars to earth was on october 29.
I read many other sources which claim that the closest approach is on November 7, and that latter date complies with what my astronomical simulation programs tell me.

On the possible quality of observations of mars, this difference in dates has no effect. But what causes this difference? Does anyone have a cue?