View Full Version : Good techniques for dealing with Woo-Woos

2005-Oct-29, 05:19 PM
Has anyone ever found some good ways to deal with woo - woos?

2005-Oct-29, 08:27 PM
Just call the local MIB office and they will be along to erase their memories.

Or do you mean tips for debating them?

Philip A
2005-Oct-30, 12:57 AM
Have a scientifically irrefutable argument?


Maybe not, that would never work!

The Mangler
2005-Oct-30, 01:03 AM
Ignore them, or they will never stop bugging you.

paulie jay
2005-Oct-30, 04:43 AM
If you're going to make any impression on woo-woo thinking you are going to need three things...

Patience, patience and patience.

2005-Oct-30, 05:08 AM
I found the best way to deal with woo-woos, at least on message boards, is to completely crush every argument they make. Eventually they will become convinced everyone on the board is out to get them. Once you crush that argument as well, they seem to magically disappear. That seems to be the only effective tactic I have found.