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2003-Jan-30, 06:18 AM
I know most of you probobly will think less of me for not knowing this but...

Have the russians ever been to the moon? Manned or unmaned. I think i have heard that they sent satelites to orbit it, but no landers. Am i right?


JS Princeton
2003-Jan-30, 06:31 AM
The LUNA landers were all unmanned. It was the Soviet's complement to NASA. There was a time that they were actually in the space race to the moon, but they abandoned it rather quickly after a number of spectacular failures of Apollo 1 caliber. In the closed Soviet state, no one knew about the problems, though, and so it's only now that we know the full story.

There was a book written on the subject, but I can't for the life of me remember the title or who the author was. Since it is late here, I'm not going to do an internet search (sorry I'm lazy!).

2003-Jan-30, 06:39 AM
I assume you are kidding that you don't know who wrote a book about it, JS Princeton. If you are, and I'm not playing along, I'm sorry...

But the guy who probably knows more about Soviet space history than anyone else in the English language is none other than our own JimO - James Oberg, Russian space historian extrodinaire. Southeby's consults with him on their space auctions, Pulitzer Prize winning space historians consult with him. Hell, the Russians probably consult with him to learn about their own history.

2003-Jan-30, 09:30 AM
I highly recommend Korelev written by James Harford, published by Wiley & Sons, 1997.

Its all about Sergei Korevlev who literally single handedly managed the entire early Soviet space program.

According to Harford, Oberg's rather dated 1981 writing that Korelev's medical treatment was botched is incorrect. He would have died with or without operation in a few months due to a massive and very nasty tumor found in a somewhat routine operation (somewhat because Korolev had a bad heart condition it seems). If anybody knows more, speak now.

David Hall
2003-Jan-30, 02:29 PM
Not only did they send landers, a couple of which even launched back lunar soil samples, but they also sent rovers, thirty years before Mars Sojourner. And I had never heard about them until I started occupying this board.

How come data from these things is still so hard to come by, even though the iron curtain is no more and we're learning more about the former Soviet stuff every day? I'd love to see some of the photos these things took and hear more about what they found.

David Hall
2003-Jan-30, 02:33 PM
BTW, check out http://www.astronautix.com/ for the most detailed listing of space-related missions that I've ever seen.

2003-Jan-30, 05:36 PM
About ten years ago, there was a museum tour of Russian Space Hardware. Unmanned stuff only I believe. I saw the lunar rover there.

2003-Jan-30, 10:06 PM
L3 (http://www.russianspaceweb.com/lk.html)

LOK (http://www.russianspaceweb.com/lok.html)

Base (http://www.russianspaceweb.com/lunar_base.html)


2003-Jan-30, 10:20 PM
So no humans, only robots...Thanks people that answered my questions!!!

JS Princeton
2003-Jan-31, 07:28 AM
On 2003-01-30 01:39, Rodina wrote:

But the guy who probably knows more about Soviet space history than anyone else in the English language is none other than our own JimO - James Oberg,

It's a testament to this board that people get my jokes (as stupid as they are).

Edit in: My jokes being the stupid things; not the people, of course...

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2003-Jan-31, 08:47 PM
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