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2005-Oct-31, 06:37 PM
SUMMARY: When you're exploring new territories, all kinds of things can go wrong. When you're exploring millions of kilometres away from Earth in an environment totally hostile to human life, these risks get deadly. NASA's Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group has put together a list of top risks for human Mars explorers, including the dust and potential biohazards. But one of the biggest risks is the lack of water - it's absolutely essential for a long-duration visit to the Red Planet.

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2005-Nov-01, 06:23 PM
At least on Mars, if the wind deposits dust on your solar panels, it can move your windmill.

I didn't see solar storms as high on the list.

2005-Nov-01, 08:29 PM

if a crew travels to mars, stays there to explore mars until the return start window to earth opens, and travels back to earth, the crew needs oxygen, water, food, clothing and spare parts for two years. To the hazards caused by insufficient supplies or loss of supplies are added those which may be caused by technical malfunctions, space radiation, solar storms, insufficient knowledge, loss of confidence and the hostile martian environment.

Whatever may go wrong during this trip to mars, it can turn out to be deadly, as it is not possible to stop that yourney and return to earth within days, as it was possible for Apollo13 during its failed mission to the moon.

Having to survive in environments that offer no means to support you - and that will not forgive you any error - is extremely stressing and this may cause problems for those who have to cope with it for two years.

People are able to handle difficult tasks. Raising quadruplets alone and without supply of diapers may be demanding, but you donīt need to wear a spacesuit for that job.
On mars, you canīt do any step without spacesuit. You canīt even wipe the sweat from your face when you feel you need it.

Martian dust and martian life forms are not the only hazardous problems to be considered.