View Full Version : For Better Or Worse

2005-Oct-31, 06:38 PM
This comic strip - set in Canada, btw - has started a thread with one of the characters teaching astronomy to her class. Looks pretty good.


2005-Oct-31, 07:17 PM
Oooo, cool. I love this comic... haven't read it for so long, though.

peter eldergill
2005-Oct-31, 07:18 PM
Cute, really cute!

I tried with this last year (some may remember..). A presenter I had come in was going to bring 5 telescopes to check out stuff from our football field, but everytime he booked us it was cloudy....then the semester ended. Too bad, I've never had a good look at the rings, just a really small one through my telescope...


2005-Nov-01, 05:40 PM
I printed out the first couple of this storyline (still going as of Nov.1!) to keep. I use Elizabeth's demonstration--the stars all circling around Polaris by spinning around while looking at a fixed star on the ceiling--with schoolkids myself!

2005-Nov-01, 10:24 PM
Our little, local paper carries this strip. It's nice to see astronomy featured in a manner that makes it interesting and accessable to the general public. I like how the interest is building in the strip, too. It looks like the whole town will be there for Elizabeth's presentation. I hope the skies are clear!