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2005-Nov-01, 03:44 AM
I call mine HAL for obvious reasons. What do you call yours?

2005-Nov-01, 03:51 AM
Black Box, also probably for obvious reasons (see my nickname if you don't get it)

paulie jay
2005-Nov-01, 04:51 AM
I call mine "Oh, come on for Christ's sake".

Celestial Mechanic
2005-Nov-01, 05:41 AM
Starting with my first PC, which I accepted delivery of on Good Friday 1992, I have been using names from the Wagner opera Parsifal. My main computer is Gurnemanz, the junior members of the network are Amfortas II (the previous main machine), and Parsifal II. My laptop is named Kundry. And I have a really old 486 sitting around for [Peter Lorre voice]"operating system experiments"[/Peter Lorre voice] (if I ever get back to that) named Klingsor.

All except Klingsor run versions of OS/2 / eComStation. Fie on Windows! Fie! (You could have guessed that from my sig.)

2005-Nov-01, 05:44 AM
I call mine 'the computer'.

2005-Nov-01, 05:45 AM
I have two. One is named Shadowspawn and one is Jet Black.

2005-Nov-01, 06:52 AM

don't ask, because i don't know.


2005-Nov-01, 06:52 AM
I call mine 'the computer'.hmm... pretty obvious.


2005-Nov-01, 06:57 AM
Wow, what are the odds? I call mine " the computer" also.

I call the other one across the room..."the other computer."

captain swoop
2005-Nov-01, 08:38 AM

2005-Nov-01, 08:46 AM
I call mine...

Wait. This is a family-friendly forum. Nevermind.

2005-Nov-01, 09:17 AM
I call mine...

Wait. This is a family-friendly forum. Nevermind.

Same here.

Though I did name it at birth : MainXP. Ingenious that.

2005-Nov-01, 09:43 AM
Im such a geek (well so is a friend) he has machines called hubble and then ones named after each space shuttle. Mine have been named after apollo lunar modules.

2005-Nov-01, 11:56 AM

All of the desktop computers in our group have atomic-physics-related names.

2005-Nov-01, 12:06 PM
"my precious" :shifty:

noooooooo it's MIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!

2005-Nov-01, 12:45 PM
My naming scheme for my various boxen usually involve monster names.

My old '486 was nicknamed Banshee for the wail of the power supply fan.

Next, a P200, was Godzilla. No special reason, I just get a kick out of the Godzilla movies.

My current machine, having undergone two massive upgrades, remains V'Chi'Hoenix after a vague memory of a green dragon on a MUD my university used to host (Gateway).

If I ever build a black machine, it'll quite probably end up being named Torg after a really nasty black dragon on a MUD I played for years (Valhalla).

Captain Kidd
2005-Nov-01, 01:43 PM
The old clunker computer is Bebop and the new one is Silvana.
Oh, and the network is Section 9. (Hey, I might have named it after my work's section group number... :shifty: yeah, yeah, that's it, I'm not an anime nutjob. :D )

2005-Nov-01, 01:49 PM

2005-Nov-01, 02:05 PM
I call it Local Host.

2005-Nov-01, 02:06 PM
Mines 'Aloha'

No idea why.

2005-Nov-01, 02:14 PM

Precisely what it is. :)

2005-Nov-01, 02:20 PM
Marvin - after Marvin the Martian...

I must be geeky in a special way. :whistle:

The Supreme Canuck
2005-Nov-01, 02:57 PM
Mine's called Pandora: it's been trouble since I opened the box.

2005-Nov-01, 03:19 PM
"box of evil"

actually I just made that up.

Philip A
2005-Nov-01, 04:38 PM
Silicon thief. It is a waste of valuable resources, would be better off as sand.

Or do I say that because it is too slow today?

Kullat Nunu
2005-Nov-01, 07:15 PM
I have a strong déjà vu about this thread... I'm sure we've discussed about this long ago, but I can't find the thread.

Anyways, I call my computer Magia (Magic), because once when I installed Windows it suggested a random five-letter alphanumeric string "M4G1A" or something similar (my computer knows l33tspeak ;) ). So I chose that name.

I upgrade my computer once a while, so probably nothing is left from the original Magia.

2005-Nov-01, 07:19 PM
Here is the computers I have so far.


2005-Nov-01, 07:30 PM
I have two computers the oldest one i named * this darn thing freezed again* and the newest one is named *the know it all*


2005-Nov-01, 09:39 PM
Well, looking at it's 'full name', and translating the last part from 1337 I get "Jeisrar", so I guess I'll use that. I've never had a reason to name my computer, as it really isn't mine, but my family's. When I get my laptop, however...

2005-Nov-01, 09:44 PM

2005-Nov-01, 10:00 PM
I call mine FUBAR. You'll have to watch "Saving Private Ryan" if you don't know what that stands for, this being a family-friendly board and all...

Gullible Jones
2005-Nov-01, 10:49 PM

Dragon Star
2005-Nov-01, 11:23 PM
I call mine "Father Time":wall:

It is a 1998 HP 455OZ, with it's whopping 64MB of ram, and 10gig hard drive, it can outrun any super computer...:whistle:

2005-Nov-02, 12:22 AM
compy386. I once had a computer I called 'The POS 5000'.

2005-Nov-02, 12:48 AM
Well, reading this thread I decided I should call my computer "Vladimir", because it's 'puting. Up until now it's been "the new one" as opposed "the crappy one".

However quite often its name is more something like "you useless b......d"

2005-Nov-02, 12:51 AM
My Network is called JupiterNet (no idea while, but i was looking at an image of jupiter when settings up the Wireless router).
My Desktop is called Endeavour.
My school laptop: zero (preveusly: andromeda, changed because andromeda was to hard to type for the teachers at school)
My iBook: Zeus (preveusly: Discovery, but that created confusion for my dad, no idea why)
My recently bough Axim x51v: Cygnus (I always wanted to use that name, never gotton around to it :))
My dad's computer: lfshome (his initials + home)
My mom's computer: martine (mom's name)
My old computer (partly dissabled): Atlantis (preveusly blackbox, 2kThing, Box)

I thinking about renaming the ibook.
But i can't descide to call it Orion or Vega, some input on this is welcome

2005-Nov-02, 02:01 AM
I was going to say déjà vu, too.

I call mine Laptop or Dell. :)

2005-Nov-02, 06:38 PM
1st 486 was "Joe"
1st Pentium II was "Frank"
2nd PII was "Fred"
Current P4 was "Tom" because the technician messed up when it was in for repairs. I have since replaced the (failed) MB myself, and have not renamed it, because there are no others on LAN. If I get around to it, it will be "Frank II".

Don't ask me why I chose these names. I wouldn't have named them at all, except as part of a LAN at home.

captain swoop
2005-Nov-03, 08:38 AM
I got Durandal from the old Mac game 'Marathon' all my machines have been named after the various computers and AIs from the Marathon games