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2005-Nov-02, 05:16 PM
SUMMARY: During Cassini's recent Titan flyby on October 28, 2005, it imaged the area where Huygens landed earlier this year. Of course it couldn't see the probe, but scientists were able to match up Cassini's images to Huygen's images to show exactly where it landed. The colour image is was actually taken in infrared (red areas are brighter and blue is darker, and the the black-and-white image was produced by Cassini's synthetic aperture radar.

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2005-Nov-07, 05:13 PM
The fact that they have not released an image without the Huygens inset makes the storyline rather moot. Cassini scientists are uncertain of the alignment, and there is no correlation of fine detail, only the grossest agreement between the visual images. There is no obvious correlation between AA radar images and Huygens' visual surface features.

To the best of my knowledge, Cassini Huygens scientist have not released the landing position of Huygens as determined by VLA triangulation. Without this information, it does not seem to me like it would be possible to pinpoint Huygens landing site with any degree of confidence. Does anyone know if the location chosen was based upon VLA analysis?

It would also be necessary to know the absolute scale of the Huygens images, and again, this scaling information, including error bars, is not in the public domain.