View Full Version : New idea for rating contributors?

2005-Nov-03, 11:28 PM
I've just finished opening and reviewing a number of threads that seemed might be "good" discussions of a scientific nature.

Many however turned out to be, although good ideas on the surface, conjecture of impossibility.

But as I was reading some of the contributions I got to thinking...
wouldn't it be nice if I could remember which of these contributors were more realistic and which were more... how do I say this with as least offense as possible... science fiction fantasy?

I know the idea of rating contributors has been discussed before and this presents a pandora's box of who is doing the rating, retaliatory ratings and such, but what if the ratings I made for each contributor, were only seen by me?

So that when I open a thread, any members I have previously rated would have that rating shown below their BB rating, but this rating would only appear for me.

The logistics of this might be beyond the abilities of the programming.
Maybe it could be suggested to "them"?

2005-Nov-04, 12:57 AM
Copy and paste combined with notepad would do a pretty good job ;)