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2005-Nov-04, 05:56 PM
SUMMARY: The European Southern Observatory has released a beautiful high resolution image of Robert's Quartet; a group of 4 very different galaxies located about 160 million light-years from Earth. Its member galaxies are NGC 87, NGC 88, NGC 89 and NGC 92. Robert's Quartet is one of the best examples of a compact group of galaxies, which can contain anywhere from 4 to 8 galaxies, and interact with each other from time to time. One galaxy in the group, NGC 87, has large regions of furious star formation because of its interactions with its neighbours.

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2005-Nov-05, 12:49 PM
The quartet is one of the finest examples of compact groups of galaxies. Because such groups contain four to eight galaxies in a very small region, they are excellent laboratories for the study of galaxy interactions and their effects, in particular on the formation of stars. Indeed. :D
I like the picture, too.:p

Thank you, Fraser - you really do find some interesting stuff!