View Full Version : Physics Experts Of BAUT Forum?

2005-Nov-08, 03:19 AM
Gimme some names lol.

2005-Nov-08, 11:47 AM
Atomic physics - laser cooling & trapping and atomic clocks.

Eta C
2005-Nov-08, 09:19 PM
High energy particle physics. Emphasis on heavy quark spectroscopy, CP violation, and neutrino interactions & mixing.

2005-Nov-10, 04:10 AM
Anybody else?

And Eta C, I just sent you a PM.

2005-Nov-10, 04:17 AM
not an expert in 1 field. working on several right now.

can answer a lot of questions however.

2005-Nov-10, 09:33 AM
Not an expert, but some small level of expertise. I've done research in chemical physics for the past few years. Emphasis on astrophysical applications, though I don't do the actual astro stuff; I just generate and analyse the data that someone at some other university uses to do that. However, I know things about the world that no one else does! (Not many, mind you, and of little importance, but it's enough to keep me happy. :) ) One paper accepted, a couple more on the way with the simulations done, in turn-outline-into-sentences-and-make-pictures-look-pretty stage. Lots experience with computer modelling.

Weird Dave
2005-Nov-10, 02:34 PM
Atomic physics - laser cooling & trapping and atomic clocks.
Hey, I'm in ion trap quantum computing. Lots of laser cooling there.

I wouldn't say I'm an expert yet, though. Give me another 20 years or so...

paulie jay
2005-Nov-10, 11:39 PM
I don't carry a degree but have studied the mathematical side of physics just for fun for many years.

2005-Nov-11, 12:10 AM
Ok, I'll toss in my <ahem> qualifications. No degree,and I probably can't answer most questions directly, but I *am* related to a particle physicist/Astronomer/Mathmatician/Computer Scientist..


Everything I know I learned by OOgling 8-{)}

2005-Nov-11, 01:16 AM
I'm a chemist with some expertise in photosensitive materials, high resolution aerial duplicating films.(ITEK CORP). Dye sensitization. Photosensitive coatings technology, both conventional and unconventional. X-ray processing chemistry. Black and white photography, and processing chemistry.Anything that makes an image interests me. I teach physics, chemistry, life science, physical science, and photography. Although not a physicist, I've taught lots of particle physics basics, astronomy, and in particular supernova theory for twenty years. High energy physics lecture junkie courtesy of MIT, Harvard, BU, Northeastern U., Brandeis, Tufts, Umass Amherst and Lowell, APS/AAPT meetings.