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2005-Nov-11, 12:21 AM
Just in case some of us did not catch it, Ed Dames was on C2C, and he was flogging a pay per view television show of some sort...."Predicting the Future" or some such silliness, in any case, Dr Doom says that we are all done for,(Noch Einmal!!!) The Earth will roast like a rotisserie, and we will have a water war........He is suggesting that some kind of Solar event will do this soon.....Besides his poor record (0.00%), and his somewhat bizarre past dealings with the public, I wonder what kind of "Goldilocks" event would it be, that would on roast us a little, but still leave survivors to fight over water??

I am still waiting for the "Companion" and his other totally missed predictions, maybe he thinks the public has forgotten his lack of accuracy.......

Dale in Ala

2005-Nov-14, 01:28 AM
Darnit Dale,

Don't you know that there is only one Doctor Doom (http://members.aol.com/doomscribe)?

2005-Nov-14, 01:41 AM
Refresh my memory. Is this the same man who claimed that a solar flare would destroy life on Earth a few years back, then claimed that on his predicted date birds in Australia had caught fire and plummeted to earth, even though that claim was transparently a lie?

Or is it the guy who claimed a few years ago that a meteorite would crash into Africa, that space microbes would deploy from the meteorite and destroy us all?

Or is it the guy whose university has taken pains to point out that they don't endorse anything he says?

2005-Nov-14, 09:06 PM
This guy got his nickname from that source, yes it is ED DAMES!! The same guy, famous for 0.00% accuracy......

Dale in Ala

Count Zero
2005-Nov-14, 11:54 PM
Yes, but even people who live on the far side of the Earth from him mention his name on internet bulletin boards. ;)

2005-Nov-15, 02:57 AM
Somehow, the gentleman reminds me of the "Beyond the Fringe" skit in which assorted British loonies, led by Peter Cook, climb a high mountain to await the end of the world.

They have a countdown, nothing happens, the world remains whole, and then a very cheery Cook says, "Oh, well, lads, same time tomorrow, then. We're bound to come up a winner one of these days."

2005-Nov-15, 06:52 AM
Ah yes, Art Bell's and now George Noory's all time favorite pet con artist! (OK, tied for first with our beloved R.C. Hoagland, if you insist..or is in a close second to Hoagland, Hoagland winning by sheer volume of appearences on the shows.)
At the www.ufowatchdog.com site, Ed currently has the unusual honor as bieng
the current 'dirtbag of the month' and also a charter member of the 'hall of shame' there! A special in depth investigation of him at the site can be found here via this direct link: http://www.ufowatchdog.com/rvdames.html

Amazingly Dames has been touting the "Solar Kill Shot" nearly every appearence on air since 99'!! It is/has supposed to have/will happen every year! He every rew months changes his story of when we can expect it...as of currently..a few months ago he says that a shuttle mission will be forced to land early due to an incoming meteor shower and the kill shot will be then within days..
From the start he has said this 'kill shot' will last for several days and be so severe it will kill 90%+ of human life..only those dug in underground at least 60 feet for the duration will survive! Back in 99' he said he was moving his family to Hawaii, into a underground residence..which he says he has done..
I missed most of his appearence last week..has he toned down the deadlyness of kill shot as others posting seem to suggest?
Does he still claim the precursor event to watch for is an aborted shuttle mission as above? Please fill me in...BTW The UFO watchdog site is a wonderfull resource for hours of fun reading of excellent research debunking
Art's & George's favorite con artsists such as Al Belik, and many others..I assure you browsing it and going through the 'hall of shame' will be time well spent! It is the best single site to direct any woo woo C2C listners you are hoping to deprogram to...regards..

2005-Nov-15, 03:24 PM
Ah hah. I made a mistake and confused Ed Dames with Courtney Brown. Brown is the one whose university disowns his pronouncements on paranormal subjects.

Dames is the one who keeps making failed predictions.

2005-Nov-15, 05:20 PM
I wonder what the point is, other than making money from people with flakey epistemologies???? This is somewhat like the Alien Abduction Nuts, what is the point?? (Other than money...) Lately the fringe has been on a rampage, helped by Hollywood---Cat. 7 and other grand examples of their ability to take and idea, and ruin it....

Dale in Ala

Maha Vailo
2005-Nov-15, 07:38 PM
Darn it, I thought this was going to be about the comic book villain getting into woowoo conspiracy theories... now that would be something to worry about. :eek:

- Maha Vailo

Count Zero
2005-Nov-16, 08:14 PM
This "Solar Kill-Shot" reminds me of Larry Niven's short story, "Inconstant Moon."

2005-Nov-16, 09:26 PM
I wonder if Larry could sue him for stealing ideas??? Probably not...but when Doom is on C2C, The hosts go out of their way to cover up his past failures..and never put this person on the spot and question him closely on the past predictions.....They let him weasel out with the hackneyed phrase..."Well time is hard to see in remote viewing....blah blah...usw...."

Dale in Ala

2005-Nov-16, 10:57 PM
Heh...in one of Woody Allen's old New Yorker essays, he quotes from a great prophet of the past, someone a lot like Nostradamus but more specific:

"One day there will be a place called California,
so there can be a town called Hollywood,
so a man named Joseph Cotten can become very famous."

Now, that's specificity!

Count Zero
2005-Nov-16, 11:07 PM
Well, there are the "Nice and Accurate Prophesies of Agnes Nutter" from Good Omens.

2005-Nov-17, 12:17 AM
Not always he descrbes his "kill solar shot" as bad. If I recall correctly, one or two years ago, he said that the solar shot would stop WW3, that would start over the conflict with North Korea. So, sometimes his killer shot is a savior.