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Bill S.
2003-Feb-02, 08:28 AM
Just to set a few things straight, so there's no question as to anything I said or meant:

I agree that it's too early to speculate. All current indications point to something going badly wrong with the port (left) wing. Not starboard (right) as I'd posted earlier.

This may change and there could be a different cause altogether.

I mentioned early on regarding looking at the tiles and making a repair in orbit. That's clearly impossible as I've had pointed out to me in other web-boards and via some reading I've done.

Shuttles, apparently, do carry CSFDRs (Crash-Survivable Flight Data Recorders). It is doubtful that Columbia's survived. Perhaps it did. My father who served in the Air Force as an Air Policeman (and thus tasked with guarding various crashes from time to time) said it best: "Crashes are funny things."

I am not related to nor friends with the astronaut who's email I posted. I gleaned it from a usenet newsgroup and reposted it here. I should've been more clear.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly:
I do not now work for NASA. My employ there was as a computer/network technician working in the SSPF and O&C buildings (Space Station Processing Facility and Operations and Control, respectively). While I am proud of the work I did and considered myself "part of the team", I was a few "rings" out from actual flight control duties. I mostly worked with/for engineers. I had a couple of occations to meet Shuttle crews (see an earlier thread by me from mid-August 2002 titled "How cool is my job") but it was so hasty that I doubt I could say whether or not I met any of the Americans who flew on Columbia's last flight.

I just thought it important to mention these things in advance lest anyone think I am trying to speak from an "insiders" position of authority.

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