View Full Version : SCIENCE Jan. 4, 2002 issue - *Star Formation*

2002-Jan-07, 12:27 AM
SCIENCE (magazine/journal) does this at least once a year when it inundates the reader with scores of articles both in the regular printed (and online) issue and in the online extended version (which includes articles going back as far as October, 1995). It also has an online archive going back to the 1880's of its earliest issues through to the present, so it is a wonderful place to get astronomy information for more than a century (JSTOR).

Anybody who wants to scrutinize the issue *Star Formation* might find copies at their public libraries, university science libraries, etc. If their university science library also subscribes online, they will find a feast awaiting them.

It is a great magazine/journal for doing research of most science topics.

Well, at least for me, there goes my sleep time.

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