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Laminal Cockroach
2005-Nov-23, 02:06 AM
Does anyone here know how to get rid of the volume limiter on sony portable HDD players. apparantly they put a volume limiter so that its not too loud, but its actually damn quiet with one. i really wanna get rid f the volume limiter off my Sony VGF AP1L, Anyone got any clue?

2005-Nov-23, 03:54 AM
Opinions of the Wolf (http://www.redwolf.com.au/column/opinion/2004/07/ipod_vs_sony_round_1.html)

SONY OWNERS (http://www.redwolf.com.au/column/opinion/2004/07/ipod_vs_sony_round_1.html#comment-007537)

Sonic stage does NOT make song volume less.

The sony device had a sound limiter on it, which you can turn off in the service mode (a short matter of keying a password in, gamepad style i think it is RRLLRLRLUD with the menu button held down in playmode, with the keypad lock on - no seriously!).
I googled some choice words and found this for you. :)

I included the link, so you could ask additional questions on their webpage.

2005-Nov-23, 04:15 AM
AVForums (http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=184051)

Here's another forum with instructions. Should you be doing this? It doesn't sound very safe. :shifty: