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2005-Nov-23, 06:58 AM
SUMMARY: I'm #126, I'm #126! Okay, according to Feedster's Top 500 blogs on the Internet, Universe Today is #126. Not bad when you consider there are millions of blogs out there. And especially considering that Universe Today isn't really a blog. In fact, I think I just got suckered into promoting Feedster. :-)

But I want to take a moment out of my self-congratulation and point your browsers towards my RSS feed, which I suppose is Universe Today's most blogesque feature. If you're reading this article from the website, or in my email newsletter, you really should consider switching over to the RSS feed. I make a compelling case on this page. Don't worry, I'll keep putting out both web and email editions, but it's such a better way to get news.

See you in the top 100!

Fraser Cain
Universe Today

P.S. And you should listen to my Podcast too. Okay... I'm done.

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2005-Nov-23, 11:50 AM
Congratulations with you #126. Keep it up.

On the RSS: A big annoyance is that most rss feeds only contain summaries of articles, so that if you want to read the entire article, you have to open your browser anyway. That also goes for UT, and that's why I don't use it.