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2005-Nov-24, 05:44 AM
I see no previous thread, so...

Thursday is "Thanksgiving" day in the USA, and I wish the best to all. To those elsewhere where it is known as "Thursday," I hope it is a good day for you as well.

I don't dwell on it, but I do look at my blessings on this day. I see many people worse off than I am, so I think I maybe shouldn't grouse too much. I am thankful our hosts provide this spot for us to come together and share thoughts. I have met a lot of smart, thinking people here. (As opposed to my daily existence.) The little time I spend here each day brings me some joy.

We are dining with the in-laws, who are known for being trendy. I am just hoping the turkey is not full of goat cheese and fennel. I'll be darned surprised if chipotles and/or mangoes are not featured.

2005-Nov-24, 07:40 AM
I hope to shoot a deer in the morning, so the evening meal can include fresh venison (Mmmm, tenderloins!). Barring that, we will have fresh turkey (he died on Sunday!), biscuit stuffing, and home-grown vegetables. Enjoy the day, and reflect on the meaning (settlers in a really wild place giving thanks because they had a chance of surviving the coming winter), and slap anybody that wants you to sample the "surprise" casserole of tofu and Stovetop Stuffing. :eek: Have a great day.

2005-Nov-24, 06:48 PM
Happy Turkey Day! Gobble, gobble, gobble...

2005-Nov-24, 09:08 PM