View Full Version : Death Star Mimas and Its Giant Crater Herschel

2005-Nov-26, 05:11 PM
SUMMARY: In this Cassini image of Mimas perched in front of Saturn's moons, you can clearly see its giant crater Herschel. The 130-kilometer (80-mile) crater makes the moon look like the Death Star from Star Wars. Cassini took this image on October 13, 2005 when it was approximately 711,000 kilometers (442,000 miles) from Mimas.

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2005-Nov-26, 05:13 PM
Ohhhh man, the Conspiracy Theorists are going to go (stay?) crazy about this

2005-Nov-27, 01:23 AM
This is a really great image of Mimas (Death Star)! :) Cassini surprises almost daily with the great images it is able to take!
Congratulations to the Cassini team!