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2005-Nov-27, 05:13 AM
A while back, someone had a thread asking eveyone to explain their avatar.
I'd like to know a little bit about your sig, what it means or why you chose it.

Mine is a quote from one of the greatest filosifers of the 20th century, Jethro Bodine, of the "Beverly Hillbilly's". He wanted to go to the moon because there were moon maidans there. When Granny wanted to know how he know that. He pulled a comic book out of his back pocket, shook it in her face and said, "Would they put it in a comic book if it weren't true."

I often wonder how many people there are out there who believe stuff, just because its been on tv or on the net.

2005-Nov-27, 05:18 AM
I change mine on a regular basis...it just depends on the mood I'm in when I'm on baut.

Current one is because I was amazed at the tailwind I picked up flying from Dothan, AL to Savannah, GA in the Cessna - I only had a 35 mph headwind on the Savannah to Dothan trip.

2005-Nov-27, 05:38 AM
Hey there t, what have you been up to lately?

2005-Nov-27, 05:54 AM
I have a website, for X-men fanart, and I'd like people to see some of the stuff I do when I'm not on BAUT. It ties in to my avatars.

And I just haven't found any snappy comments to put in there.:razz:


2005-Nov-27, 05:58 AM
I don't have one. The reason is laziness.

paulie jay
2005-Nov-27, 06:00 AM
Mine is a quote from the greatest "rawk" band in the history of the world :)

The Supreme Canuck
2005-Nov-27, 06:21 AM
Mine is from "On The Republic" by Cicero. It translates:

"How long, pray, will your mind remain Earth-bound? Do you not see that you have come into the temple of the sky?"

I thought it was beautiful language and particularly apt for this forum.

Hugh Jass
2005-Nov-27, 06:57 AM
The current one is just a hope people will get the association between the sig and the user name, and maybe not ask if its my real name. I don't remember what the last one was, I'm actually thinking of doing away with the sig and just signing off with something significant to the forum the thread is in, like I heard one along the lines of "Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you." For anything off the conspiracy theories forum.

2005-Nov-27, 07:10 AM
anybody who's watched my posts knows I don't have a regular .sig. I usually drop some wiseacre line in there that's related to the current thread - even if only in my own head.


sig! sig a sog! sig it loud, sig it long!

2005-Nov-27, 07:21 AM
My quote is one that I think summarizes one of the main philosophies of science, and what I know is a philosophy I work very hard to follow.

The link is to my website. Has a couple of anime music videos I made (anime scence put to music), my favorite quotes (including a few of my own, hasn't been updated recently), a list of anime cliches (including an anime romance timeline, although it is equally applicable to movies and books), my own version of "The Evil Overlord List" made for video game villians, and a page of anime couples duking it out.

2005-Nov-27, 07:52 AM
Vina is my Avatar. Vina's voice is recorded for my sig. I was changing what she would say, but I got lazy. Vina is a childhood memory that I just couldn't shake from Star Trek. She was the bomb on TV and in real life. This is my tribute to her.

2005-Nov-27, 07:55 AM
As of right now, I don't have a sig. (will you all shun me because of it ;) )

2005-Nov-27, 12:57 PM
The Leela/Nibbler dialog sums things up pretty well about the human species' geocentrism, chauvinism, and racial hubris.

The Latin, freely translated, is "Objective evidence, not beliefs."

2005-Nov-27, 02:34 PM
The current one is just a hope people will get the association between the sig and the user name, and maybe not ask if its my real name.

I've seen you post before, but I didn't get the name until now. I guess I never tried to sound it out in my head before...

2005-Nov-27, 04:22 PM
Mine is a wake-up to all the people who say "Einstein abolished the need for an ether." Years after publishing GR, he was convinced that a real dynamical ether with real physical properties had to exist, so he could provide a physical foundation for GR gravitation and inertia and permit the transmission of light through "empty" space.

2005-Nov-27, 05:01 PM
As of right now, I don't have a sig. (will you all shun me because of it ;) )

nah, we'll shun you because we're jealous of you.


2005-Nov-27, 08:38 PM
Mine's pretty self-evident: I've got a life, and it's typically quite different from that of another person. I think it started when some preppy girl in high school was wondering if I had a life after expounding on my latest telescope run or something like that. ;)

2005-Nov-28, 06:19 AM
Mine is from one of my favorite singer/song writer and seems appropriate for an astronomy board. As was pointed out to me before, she is technically the writer of the music for this song, her ex-husband wrote the words; but I think the song would more commonly be attributed to her and what the heck, I love Carole King. I saw her in concert last summer in Cleveland, 7th row, and it was awesome.

When I first joined BABB my sig was another favorite quote of mine, and, I think, appropriate for many BBs, but a little negative...
"When all is said and done, all will be said and nothing will be done".

To counter that, I've thought of using a Margaret Mead quote that I love:
"Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
It is very close to my heart, but unfortunately, not close enough to my actions :( .

I have always loved Andromeda321's, and have actually quoted it to people and then had to explain where it came from! :o

2005-Nov-28, 06:28 AM
I've quoted Andromeda321's sig, too. http://www.bautforum.com/images/icons/icon10.gif

Van Rijn
2005-Nov-28, 08:25 AM
Given the number of times I've worked it into discussions, mine shouldn't require much explanation. But just in case ...

In science, when you make an assertion, it is your responsibility to make your case. However, in far too many cases, proponents of "Against The Mainstream" ideas will, when challenged, demand that you prove them wrong. Of course, there are many things that just might be true, but can't be absolutely proven to be false. An invisible backyard elf is just as possible and no more ridiculous than many other unsupported claims.

The link to a Leif Ericson (http://www.projectrho.com/SSC/) cruiser page just provides a bit of background for my avatar image. This was a model sold by AMT in the late '60s to early '70s. It's just a different science fiction spacecraft, not part of Star Trek or one of the other well known series, though some may know that Niven and Pournelle used it as the model for the INSS MacArthur.

2005-Nov-28, 01:09 PM
My sig is an rather unusual quote from the old Apollohoax board. I've had a few posters ask where the heck it came from because it is hard to fathom what kind of thread would result in JayUtah posting it.

As a fan of H.P. Lovecraft I find the quote amusing. :D

2005-Nov-28, 01:33 PM
Mine's from one of my favourite bands, Midnight Oil. It seemed appropriate - no matter how much bad astronomy there is on TV/cinema (eg Bruce Willis blowing up asteroids) there's still the real thing outside.

But Midnight Oil split when their lead singer, Peter Garrett became an Australian MP.

Heid the Ba'
2005-Nov-28, 02:28 PM
A reference to a thread a while back where aporetic r had a student with some strange beliefs including a reference to mere non-Americans. It has probably lost any significance it had and I have meant to change it for a while, I just haven't been signed in recently.