View Full Version : Mathemagicians, pi, and scaring children.

Dark Jaguar
2005-Nov-27, 10:31 PM
Warning: adult content (though limited to a small section) Rated T for strong language basically.


Try and actually listen to those lyrics.

2005-Nov-28, 04:12 AM
Try and actually listen to those lyrics.

How about adding: Warning: adult content for this family-friendly board?

(And, if anyone's wondering, it's a music video done in the style of PBS's "Zoom", and not the content of an actual children's educational TV show.)

Dark Jaguar
2005-Nov-28, 04:47 AM
Note taken! My apologies as I forgot about that part.

The Mangler
2005-Nov-28, 05:44 AM
Umm... Interesting video.

2005-Nov-28, 06:22 PM
Pi? Sure, I'll have a piece - please pass the whip cream. Thanks!