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2005-Nov-29, 12:24 AM
RE: BadAstronomy.com vs Exercise in Critical Thinking

"If you were standing on the Moon, you would indeed see stars, even during the day."
-Dr. Phillip Plait

Ah yes, Dr. Phil Plait, the self-professed "Bad Astronomer"... :boohoo:

Dr Plait's book cover actually shows Apollo astronots faking the moon
landings on Earth in a movie studio:

Yes, I have 2 TV videos of Dr. "Bad Astronomer" Plait from Fox TV and PAX TV, and here's one of his interviews from MSNBC versus Bart Sibrel (MoonMovie.com):

VIDEO: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/7091082/

I quote Dr. "Bad Astronomer" in my music video, "We Never Went to the Moon", winner L.A. Music Awards in Hollywood 2005:

"If I were trying to fake this, I WOULD PUT STARS IN THE IMAGE."
-Dr Phil Plait, BadAstronomy.com

"The coolest thing for me is hanging by a window just after sunrise and WATCH THE STARS in the big black dome of the sky as the Earth moves underneath. My eyes are really glued to the outside. It is just absolutely amazing, magical, wonderful thing to do that."
-Dr Kawpana Chawla, who was slowly cooked in curry sauce on Columbia
Space Shuttle, CSPAN TV

Dr. "Bad Astronomer" is a current employee of NASA, working on its GLAST GAMMA RAY Space Telescope (deadly Gamma Rays cover the Moon and are
included on NASA's photographic maps of the Moon). Dr Plait censors this fact during all his TV interviews, and censors this fact from his BadAstronomy.com website.

Gamma Ray Map of Moon:

Dr "Bad Astronomer" appears on several TV programs to rebut alleged Moon fraud, but he never asks why Apollo astronots never photographed any stars, which is very odd since he is a professional astronomer. You'd think he'd be screaming at NASA for such a stupid oversight, since a single good photo film has more resolution than the best CCD digital computer space telescope.

To photograph stars from the Moon simply requires pointing the camera at the stars and taking a photo, using appropriate lens settings and using a sun sheild (which is what is supposedly used on all spaceflights for navigation, including Apollo), presuming that temperatures of -250 deg F and +400 deg F do not affect ordinary Kodak film (nor astronots), and presuming Gamma Rays, X-Rays and 6-million-mph protons do not affect ordinary Kodak film (nor astronots).

Another odd thing is that on Dr Bad Astronomer's website, he censors Apollo photographs, he censors photos of stars, he censors information about Gamma Ray photographs of space and Moon, and he censors his employment by NASA.

Dr Bad Astronomer is a well-paid gov't disinformation specialist, and perhaps CIA.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
-William Colby, Director CIA, assassinated 60,000 people via CIA Death
Squads in Vietnam Wars with Phoenix Project (Colby "drowned" in a suspicious "canoe crash" while cooking dinner in Washington DC)

Why does NASA employ CIA agents????

"When the City of Knoxville decided to condemn, seize and sell Dan Hale's home in North Knoxville, they didn't know who they were dealing with - and neither did Hale's neighbors. According to attorneys and friends of Hale', before Hale retired he apparently had quite an active life - as a NASA employee, working on space exploration missions, and as a researcher, traveling to Antarctica and other areas around the world for the space center based in Alabama. 'People have thought he was just a poor old man who couldn't afford to fight for his home. But they sure were wrong,' a friend laughed. 'He just didn't talk much about what he used to do,' a neighbor said. 'We were all kind of shocked to find out about him.' Neighbors said they recently found out Hale worked for the CIA on several projects. Neighbors speaking about Hale asked not to be identified by name out of fear of retaliation by the City of Knoxville codes enforcement officers. 'He wasn't poor,' one of Hale's friends said, 'he just didn't want to spend a lot of money on his house.' Hale is planning on spending a lot of money on his attorneys, however. According to testimony given in an alabama court competency hearing, Hale has at leas $30,000 in savings plus a $5,000-a-month retirement check from NASA. 'I think he can hire some pretty good lawyers with that kind of money,' Hale's friends laughed. The state of Alabama has since appointed a conservator for Hale. Hale's attorney in Alabama could not be reached for comment. Hale's home at 240 E. Scott was condemned and sold to Knoxville real estate attorney Christine Dumer in January. According to documents obtained by the Journal, Dumer bought the house from the City
of Knoxville Municipal Corporation BEFORE the City owned it or had obtained it through legal action. [Billionaire] Mayor Bill Haslam signed the papers for the transaction. A local developer claims to have offered Hale $50,000 for the home prior to the court date, but the judge - PRIOR to Hale's court hearing - told Hale he could not sell the home. After a court condemnation, the property was sold to Dumer for $17,000. While friends believe Hale doesn't have long to live, they say they hope he lives long enough to get his house back."
—Becky Blanton, Knoxville Journal, Knoxville, Tennessee, "Underdog Will
Have His Day - Home Sold by City Belonged to Respected Former NASA, CIA

On the Fox TV ApolloScam special, NASA's PR spokesperson Brian Welch, "attempted" to rebut the evidence BY NOT PRESENTING ANY EVIDENCE AND BY NOT ANSWERING ANY QUESTIONS. Welch failed so miserably that he and NASA attempted a counterattack with a new book and a new movie. BUT THEN BRIAN WELCH DIED AT AGE 42, so NASA's book and movie were cancelled... Dr Bad Astronomer is probably scared to death that NASA NAZIs (CIA) will kill him if he ever tries to tell the truth... Not that ALL Freemasons swear oaths under penalty of DEATH if they ever testify against another Mason, and ALL Apollo astronots and NASA administrators were Masons...

"A strange ritual of a dark and ominous character took place at Tranquillity Base on the moon. Astronaut Neil Armstrong carefully took out his Masonic apron and held it up for the cameras over his space suit as if to cover his genitals area-the power center, or dynamo, of Luciferian energy in Masonic ritual. Today, a photograph of Armstrong holding his occultic apron hangs on a wall at the House of the Temple, the sanctuary of the Scottish Rite, in Washington, D.C. Next, brother Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, at the time a 32nd-degree Masonic initiate, planted on the 'moon's' surface the real flag intended for honor, the flag the Apollo 11 had carried in its storage compartment, the flag with the Scottish Rite's emblem of deep and mysterious spirituality, the doubleheaded eagle."
-Captain Texe Marrs, USAF Intelligence, "The Eagle Has Landed! Magic, Alchemy, and the Illuminati Conquest of Outer Space"

"Hoodwink. The secrecy, silence, and darkness in which the mysteries of our masonic art should be preserved from the unhallowed gaze of the profane."
—Dr. Albert Mackey 33° Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

"I will obey all signs and summons handed to me by a chapter of Masons. I will assist a Mason when I see him engaged in any difficulty whether he be right or wrong. I promise and swear to forever conceal and never reveal any of the secrets of Masons or Masonry under no less penalty than to have my throat cut across from ear to ear, my tongue plucked out by the roots; my heart taken from under my left breast; my body cut across, my bowels taken out; my body dissected into four equal parts to hang and remain a terror to all those who shall presume to violate the sacred obligation of a Mason."
-President John Quincy Adams, Letters on Freemasonry

"You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons, and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to
shield him. It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations."
-Ronayne Handbook of Masonry, page 183

"A man was shot in the head with a gun that was supposed to be loaded with blanks, cops said. The shooter pulled out the wrong weapon - a loaded .32-caliber handgun - and fired a round into James' head, Detective Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick said. Police also removed a guillotine from the hall."
-New York Post, "Masonic initiation ritual turned deadly," March 9, 2004

Yes, Dr Plait IS a confessed Bad Astronomer, but is a Freemason under death threat to not reveal the crimes of the Masonic Mafia? And my Cafepress.com store is better than his!

And my websites provide much more photos and space news than Dr Bad Astronomer's website. Pirate News website automatically posts NASA news headlines every day by Space.com newswire, via RSS syndication autopilot - many of those NASA news reports quotes NASA employees confessing it is STILL impossible to send men to the Moon and return them alive to Earth, Mainly due to nuke radiation:


"No manned spacecraft now exists that can withstand the radiation from the Van Allen belts, through which a craft must traverse to make it to the Moon."
-SpaceDaily.com, March 9, 1998

"Regarding the Apollo mission, I can't say 100% for sure whether these men walked on the Moon. It's possible that NASA cut corners just to be the first to allegedly go to the Moon. NASA could have covered it up. If some of the film was spoiled, it's remotely possible they may have shot some scenes in a studio environment to avoid embarrassment."
-Dr. Brian O'Leary, Ph.D., Apollo astroNot, Fox TV

"When I was at the Bohemian Grove, Neil Armstrong was there, just a year after he stepped on the moon. His speech by the lake was called 'The Food of The Future: Oil'. Honestly! Even the fat cats around me were moaning on their way back to peeing on the redwoods. I was more disappointed that Armstrong never mentioned the Moon once."
—Amazon.com review of Hollyweird's mockumentary, "Teddy Bears' Picnic",
about Satanic Bohemian Grove presidential retreat and homosexual nudist

"I don't deserve credit for walking on the Moon."
-Lt. Neil Armstrong, US Navy, CBS 60 Minutes, November 2005

And why did NASA name its Moon program for SATAN?!

"And they had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew was Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon. Abaddon and Apollyon mean Destroyer."
-Revelation 9:11, Christian Bible

Yes, Dr Plait is a BAD, BAD Astronomer! Could he be... SATAN?!


2005-Nov-29, 12:34 AM
Sigh. Rather than go through all this line by line, piratenews, let me ask you a question.

What evidence would convince you that the Moon landings took place?

2005-Nov-29, 12:34 AM
Well this should be a sticky.

Well just one point of logic...Why should they have taken pictures of stars on the moon. Unless they took a huge scope up there they wouldn't have anything better than we could have here. It's unlogical I say. Again, they were there to explore the moon not take pictures of stars.

2005-Nov-29, 12:34 AM
RE: BadAstronomy.com vs Exercise in Critical Thinking[edit]Yes, Dr Plait is a BAD, BAD Astronomer! Could he be... SATAN?!

:boohoo:Ah, where does one start? Or perhaps this was an exercise in humor... :think:

2005-Nov-29, 12:34 AM
And why did NASA name its Moon program for SATAN?!

"And they had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew was Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon. Abaddon and Apollyon mean Destroyer."
-Revelation 9:11, Christian Bible Well, I don't know about you, but I'm convinced.


2005-Nov-29, 12:38 AM
I happen to think crazy people are kind of cute.

2005-Nov-29, 12:39 AM
Wow, there sure are a lot of professional disinfo bloggers working this site fulltime. How much are you guys paid to lie to the sheeple? Are you NASA, CIA, DIA, MI6 or Mossad?

2005-Nov-29, 12:41 AM
Are you NASA, CIA, DIA, MI6 or Mossad?
We could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you.

2005-Nov-29, 12:41 AM
Wow, there sure are a lot of professional disinfo bloggers working this site fulltime. How much are you guys paid to lie to the sheeple? Are you NASA, CIA, DIA, MI6 or Mossad?

Dude. Conspiracy theorist 101. Accuse those who disagree with you of being paid disinfo agents instead of providing rational arguments.

At least you seem to have got past chapter one.

2005-Nov-29, 12:42 AM
Well, I don't know about you, but I'm convinced.

:doh:As that well-known Yogi is reported to have said

Déjà vu all over again.
One wonders what the tally would be per CT/HB if one went back into the archives and counted how many times the same debunked claims have been brought up.

I agree with jt-3d, there should be a sticky that could be pointed to, relieving us of the need to go over the same ground for the 100th+ time. :doh:

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