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2005-Nov-30, 12:43 PM
I have some anti-spam sw, which deletes spam, but I still have to periodically permanently delete the deleted items. It is a rule-based system with a list of allowed and not allowed senders.

I wonder if a challenge response-based system works better? Anybody have any experience?

I don't want to change my email address.


2005-Nov-30, 01:19 PM
Some simple preventative advice:
Get two e-mail addresses, doesn't mater who hosts them, just so long as they are different. Have one your 'subscription' e-mail and the other your 'normal'. What that means is that whenever you sign up for something online you use the subscription one, and for day to day use you use the normal one. This can stop some spammers from getting your e-mail address.

Make your everyday address not use too many full words/names, gibberish and/or numbers are never bad, although they can be hard for other people to remember.

Never put your everyday address online where someone else can read it, even on these forums, as there are programs designed to browse the internet, find those e-mails, and send spam to them.

Anyways, I know that that isn't much help to you now, but keep it in mind should you ever get a new e-mail account.

2005-Nov-30, 01:23 PM
This (http://www.mozilla.com/thunderbird/) helps as well.

2005-Dec-01, 01:38 PM
Challenge-response is Evil, Bad and Wrong. Avoid it, please. Much spam contains false 'from' information (so-called 'Joe Jobs') in an attempt to bypass blacklists; all a challenge-response system achieves is a DDOS of the poor individual whose address has been used as the 'from'.

2005-Dec-01, 04:29 PM
I use Spampal, it seems to work well, but you do need to re-configure your email reader.