View Full Version : What's your favourite childhood Christmas memory?

2005-Dec-01, 05:47 PM
Mine: crawling up under the tree and looking up through all the lights and ornaments...there was this one ball that looked sort opf like a disco ball...it was purple and glinted a certain way when the lights reflected off of it...my mom told me once that I thought it was magic

2005-Dec-02, 04:56 AM
Seeing a red Radio Flyer wagon under the tree when I was about 7 or 8. That was an expensive gift, and Mom had warned me that "because it was so big Santa might not have a lot of room for other presents". My dad worked in a veneer mill, and supporting a family of 6 wasn't easy on minimum wage pre-1960. Anyway, I got that wagon and some mittens and socks my mother knitted and a few other little things, and I waited. In the spring, when the snowbanks started melting, I hauled that wagon (with some cardboard boxes) up and down all the local roads every day picking up returnable bottles (soda was 3 cents, beer was 2 cents) and cashing them in at the little general store next door. My piggy bank was fat and happy.

2005-Dec-02, 05:19 AM
Finding out there wasn't any Santa. When I said to them "I want you to tell me the truth, is Santa real?" and they did tell me the truth, that was a very important moment for me. They respected me enough to tell me the truth when I asked for it, and that meant a lot. The one catch is that they made me promise to never tell my little sister, and I never did.

2005-Dec-02, 06:40 AM
My family follows the European tradition of opening the presents on the night of Christmas Eve as baby Jesus brings the tree and presents with the help of the angels, which basically meant my dad spent the afternoon getting everything together while we kids were off at some relative's house or watching a movie or something (there were a few times when my brother, sister, and myself were left an extra half hour at the movie theatre waiting to be picked up!). So we had to get dressed up once we got home and my dad guarded the hallway to the room with the Christmas tree in it while we tried to frantically break past him, then he'd go check to see if the angels were ready yet. Then he'd ring a bell ornament on the Christmas tree and we'd run down the hall to find the room completely transformed by the gigantic tree with presents underneath it... it was always such a stunning and beautiful sight that we had no issues singing a few carols and having a few hugs before anyone moved lest we begin tearing it apart. Still is one of the most beautiful things I see every year. :)

2005-Dec-02, 06:47 AM
Christmas 1968. I had just turned 7 the month before

Shortly before Christmas, NASA launched Apollo 8 to the moon. It was the first manned mission to the moon and the first manned mission using the Saturn V. While I sort of followed the space program before this launch, this mission totally enthralled me. I followed this mission from launch to splashdown. I'd go outside and look at the moon and just dream about what those men were doing up there, especially on Christmas day. That event sent my life in a new direction and made me space nut that I am today.

Even now, 37 years later, seeing the moon at Christmas brings me back to that wonderful time.

2005-Dec-02, 07:08 AM

Van Rijn
2005-Dec-02, 08:13 AM
I can think of several, such as one where my parents and sister ran me around the house with hints that they had heard Santa ... and when I got back to the tree, there was a special gift there, a record player. I probably wouldn't remember about it except for the runaround. I was probably around 6 then.

This forum reminds me of another one. I remember walking by a toy store at night with my parents and seeing something absolutely amazing. There was special lighting and colors showing off the Major Matt Mason Space Station. (http://www.majormattmason.net/6308.htm) I dreamed of getting that "space station," and can still remember how happy I was when I got it for Christmas. When I was playing with that, it was me on the moon, Mars, or somewhere else.

2005-Dec-02, 10:56 AM
The one favorite family Christmas memory that gets brought up every year is the Christmas morning we found reindeer poop in the front yard. It didn't look like any other poop that I had ever seen before, but it appeared to have been dropped from a great height.

paulie jay
2005-Dec-02, 01:48 PM
It was the year that I woke before dawn (about 7 years old) to the sounds of something being constructed in the front yard. It must be Santa with my presents!! I didn't peek out of the window because I was scared of getting caught, but I woke my sister and told her what was going on. After a while the noises stopped and I could contain myself no longer. Just as the sun was rising over the horizon I looked out the window and in the distance I saw what I thought was a sled and reindeer scooting across the sky (it was probably just a flock of birds).

I ran out to the living room to find my very hungover older brother. In my haste to tell him about what I had just seen in the sky I failed to notice the screwdriver and shifting spanner in his hand - and ran out to the front lawn to find the spanking new Green Machine (remember them...?) that "Santa" had left me.

He did a pretty good construction job too - for someone who had just come home after a bender! :)

2005-Dec-02, 11:32 PM
My dad worked in a veneer mill, and supporting a family of 6 wasn't easy on minimum wage pre-1960.

It isn't easy now, either . . . .

Mine is waking up at probably 2 or 3 AM Christmas morning and peeking out into the living room, where the lights were on, and seeing my mom sitting up, wrapping presents and watching Operation Petticoat. We were Catholic, so we'd gone to midnight mass before, and Mom didn't go to bed after until she'd finished.

I think this is a much happier memory than any of Santa Claus could possibly be. I was warm and comfortable, and my mom was there to take care of me. Isn't that a nice feeling?

2005-Dec-03, 12:13 AM
Entering the downtown department stores, with all the Christmas decorations, the music playing, the bell-ringers on the corner, and seeing all those toys!

2005-Dec-04, 12:12 AM
While we were pretty broke all year, us kids always had a nice Christmas. I guess my dad's cheap boss gave him a bonus at Christmas and he blew the whole thing on us ungreatful brats. Thanks, Dad.
One of us would always wake up early and recon the tree. If there was new toys under the tree, he'd go wake the rest of us and we'd all sneak out and start cheacking out the loot. One year we had a the marching soldier trio thing complete with a guy beating on a drum. One of us, I always thought it was my next youngest brother, turned the thing on and it proceeded to march and clatter and the drummer beat the drum. It made quit a racket. Needless to say it woke our parents who promply yelled at us and sent us back to bed. Good times.
Recently my mom told me how her and my dad used to laugh about that while reminicing.

Now my memories concist of playing Santa for my kids. I usually get the dubious honor of working Christmas Eve and Christmas so I always take off for a while and go home. That's something at least. And I'll be here this year too but my kids are too old for Santa. Soon me and the wife will be reminicing too.