View Full Version : 15 year old Buddha ?

2005-Dec-05, 10:33 AM
So, this 15 year old has been meditating for 6 months straight, without food and water. Here's the link to the whole article.



Van Rijn
2005-Dec-05, 10:55 AM
What's to discuss? Credulous news stories are nothing new. Failing careful evaluation by people who know what to look for, the reasonable answer is that he is getting food and water on a regular basis. There have been plenty of stories about psychic healing, dowsing, perpetual motion machines and so on where the reporter didn't even bother to do basic research.

2006-Mar-12, 01:44 AM
...and now he's reported missing:
March 11, 2006
"... still unclear when he went missing, but initial reports said he was last seen on Friday...police were investigating if the boy just wandered into the jungle or he was abducted by robbers..." AP (http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/03/11/D8G9M7O80.html)

2006-Mar-12, 06:18 AM
Hummm....strange. :think:


2006-Mar-12, 08:25 AM
a man who never sleep in last 36 years, a man who take only "sun rays" and not any kind of food since last many years, this is i have heard.

the above kind of story is from the Nepal, i think so.

there were lot of articles in the newspapers in last year on the above subject.