View Full Version : Space Cadets - chock full of bad astronomy and proud of it!!!

Code Red
2005-Dec-09, 12:45 AM
Has anyone seen the UK reality TV show Space Cadets that's showing now?


Basically it's conning a group of mugs into thinking they're being trained to be sent into space at a Russian training facility that's actually in Ipswich. A lesson in suggestibility and gullibility, but amazingly enough they all seem to be falling for it.

The best bit was the "Mission Controller" explaining why they wouldn't feel weightless : "The craft can't get into deep space so we'll still be within Earth's gravity field."

Well, to a non-science person (they weeded out anyone with any interest in space, with any qualifications in Physics or who could name more than four characters from Star Trek) it was a plausible explanation - it was good enough for Mrs Red! :P

What ruined it for me was when they decided to wheel in Marcus Allen to peddle his tired old moon hoax crap. Unfortunately I missed the live phone in, I would have liked to have given him some basic lessons in physics and photography live on TV...

2005-Dec-09, 08:43 AM
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